most are for sale

I am not a car seller, so I have asked a friend who is a professional to help.

Andres Medina, from Carisma Classics based in Germany and in Spain has some cars under his supervision in consignement.

Andres also bought one of my collection for his private use. Thank you Andres.😀

Eventough my cars were good to even excellent, Andres managed to find things to improuve the cars to another level and some have TUV.

So, next to me,,  you can contact Andres at 

Delivery worldwide is possible at the cost of the buyer.

560SL '87 triple blue and 2+2 edition, Euro-upgrade, new everything! AVAILABLE in Belgium €43500,00
560SL '88 White Euro-upgrade, LIKE NEW, this one has new everything! AVAILABLE in Germany €39500,00
560SL '87 Red/bamboo to refurbish NOT RESTORE(!) could be to almost like new. AVAILABLE in Belgium €17500,00
500SL AMG '82 Full AMG body, upper engine AMG, exhaust AMG, Recaro seats NOW on Catawiki €70000,00
450SLC '79 Artic white/blue one owner. Euro lights and bumpers RALLY LOOK. AVAILABLE end of July in Belgium €29000,00
450SEL '79 Green, ZERO rust, first owner. Is being refurbished.AVAILABLE mid 2021 in Belgium €14000,00
560SEL '89 Vanilla, was my daily driver! Great condition. AVAILABLE in Belgium €11000,00
500SEL '92 Black, always garaged, first paint, higher Milage. AVAILABLE in Germany €8000,00
500SEL '92 White/grey low Miles, was my daily driver! AVAILABLE in Germany €9000,00
500SEL '92 Brons in good general condition but needs work. AVAILBLE in Belgium €8000,00
400E '92 Silver/grey with engine overhaul so PERFECT! AVAILABLE in Belgium €13000,00
400E '92 Black/grey overhauled engine, refurbished body LIKE NEW. soon available in Belgium. €14000,00
500SE '83 Bronze/brown AMG optics will be RESTORED. Not for sale.
450SLC '82 CABRIO 1 of 1 only made. not for sale
S500C '94 from collector AVAILABLE in Spain. €17000,00
500SL '91 my sunny day driver not for sale
280SEL 4.5 '72 in restoration and not for sale
500SEL '92 green. My always daily driver, 2+2 edition: only for sale at the right price AVAILABLE in Belgium €16000,00

I continue improving my collection so please call or mail for latest information.